Our requirements

Our consultants – all having acquired different academic qualifications and coming from various professional backgrounds – can reach their full potential with Licetus. To achieve this we require of you above average commitment and dedication, and a “can do” attitude. We in turn can offer you very competitive remuneration which consist of an attractive salary and a result-oriented bonus package.

We offer those who are interested in working at Licetus exciting opportunities and excellent career prospects. If you are prepared to take on highly responsible roles as well as lead high profile projects with success, then you can develop into becoming a partner. To achieve this, you have to convince our customers through your know-how, creativity and personality.
You present yourself in a friendly and confident manner, you possess not only excellent analytical skills but are also able to think logically. Furthermore, you have highly developed and above average social skills, be a self-starter and work independently in highly visible projects at the customer’s site. We expect from you a high amount of own initiative, being a very good team player, demonstrate a high amount of flexibility and your willingness to travel rounds up your profile.
We are looking for high achievers, highly motivated individuals and who are willing to continuously develop themselves, in order to strengthen our team of consultants and to successfully support the growth of our company.

If you can meet our criteria rise to the occasion, we will offer the right challenges for you.