SAM Services

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a key element for companies to ensure compliance and reduce license and software costs.

But only a few of them would declare SAM to be their core competence.  Quite the contrary!

Keeping your knowledge base of software products, licensing metrics and different vendor contract designs constantly up-to-date is a great challenge.

Intensified through an unsteady demand of qualified SAM and license experts, driven by audits and a natural staff fluctuation, SAM could become a challenge for IT and purchasing organization.

Licetus takes account for this and has a full service offer at its disposal to relieve SAM organizations.

In combination with our consulting and training offers we are able to provide a one-stop-shop for Software Asset Management.

The portfolio covers the following services:

SAM Support Services

  1 License Expert Desk

SAM Managed Services

  SAM Operation Services
  2 Commercial license inventory determination
  3 License – and software contract management
  4 Technical data determination (software inventory), software recognition, quality assurance of inventory data, software metering
  5 SAM Tool: software catalog and master data maintenance, reporting, interface management, SAM tool operation
  6 Software license balancing
  7 Software compliance check, identification of measures and support for implementation
  8 Optimization of software licenses demands
  9 Audit preparation
  10 Audit support
  11 Software pool management and license transfers
  12 Qualification and support of software purchases
  13 Software demand determination and qualification
  SAM Improvement Services
  14 Quality assurance
  15 Know-how transfer (trainings, news ticker)
  16 Continuous improvement process
  SAM Strategy Services
  17 SA / SLA management
  18 Software portfolio management
  19 Mergers & Acquisitions
  20 Vendor management
  21 License cost allocation