Process-Reengineering and Process Management

In many cases it is the implementation of new technologies and procedures, organizational changes, or audits through software vendors which typically trigger our clients to question their corporate processes, specifically those in the IT environment. Simply defining processes initially does not create sustainable additional value. To achieve both the strategic goals and deploy resources efficiently it requires an appropriate process management to be in place.

Nowadays, many companies align themselves to standards and market or functional frameworks such as ITIL3 or eTOM, for their processes design. It often requires specific know-how and branch or market-specific experience when it comes to process design in order to define relevant operational procedures.

Licetus supports its clients in a pragmatic and demand oriented approach, providing expertise through our process management experts who have gained their know-how from numerous projects. Our own multi-layered procedure model used to define processes has proven itself in successful customer projects. It has shown to be able to handle major requests for change and achieving significant changes on the client side. Together with teams on the customer side we resolve typical issues in the area of process management, such as:

  • Defining a suitable overarching process architecture concept for the business
  • Identification and definition of interfaces and process accountabilities
  • Bespoke process definitions to suit individual customer’s needs pertainig to their standard methods (e.g. ARIS/EPK, EPK, BePMN, UML)
  • Establishing relevant modeling conventions to ensure quality, consistency and uniformity
  • Definition of clear accountability for defining and maintaining processes
  • IT speciation for the technical implementation within workflow tools
  • Expert monitoring the implementation of new processes
  • Definition of relevant parameters for process quality and flow times