Improving Operative Efficiency

It is the aspiration of any company and organization across all markets to continuously refine the operative efficiency and improve upon achieving its respective goals. Potential enhancements to improve operating efficiency can initially be achieved via the more classical approach, such as optimizing the value proposition, and reducing costs. In addition, more innovative approaches, such as:

  • Target-oriented deployment of the latest IT technology
  • Forming strategic and operative alliances
  • Fundamental changes along the entire value chain

will result in a considerable increase of the operative efficiency.

Licetus has relevant project experience in the area of increasing operative efficiency and can provide references right along the value chain. Our project experience includes for instance:

  • Strategy, Product Development and Product Launch and Rollout
  • Sales- and Marketing-Optimization
  • Project Management and Project Organization
  • Logistics- and Production-Optimization
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Care and After Sales Management
  • IT-Optimization
  • Controlling, Financial and Cost / Benefit Analysis