IT Strategy and Organization

In today’s world, the IT Strategy is one of the decisive elements that determine a company’s success. In many organizations the usage of modern IT technology forms is an important basis for service provision, but also represents a significant cost factor. Hence, the organizational integration as well as the coordination of IT are a complex management tasks and requires a systematic approach.

On the one hand, short innovation cycles and rapid technological developments place specific requirements upon the implementation of new solutions. Yet, through stringent cost management or outsourcing of individual services to external partners a continued efficiency increase has to be maintained.

For Licetus, the areas of Strategy and Organization includes methods which assist with understanding relevant future developments in order to model, analyze and to use them as a base for decision and planning activities. The way the future market will develop (i.e. clients, competitors, suppliers) is by reciprocally combining individual value propositions with company targets, thereby taking into account all available resources, which is meant to secure the long-term strategic success of the company.